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Nightmare Whodunit

If the story in this crazy article keeps you up at night let’s just say you are not alone in that.

After a year of lockdowns, home schooling and a bout of Covid, Kate and Matthew (not their real names) were hoping for better times as 2021 dawned. Instead, one January morning, there came a knock on the door from the police who were investigating a very serious crime, involving images of child abuse being posted online. The couple insisted they had nothing to do with it.

Tinder On The Vaccine Train

Apps like Hinge, Tinder, Match and Bumble are offering special incentives to people who roll up their sleeves, including badges showing vaccination status and free access to premium content. BLK and Chispa will boost profiles of those who are vaccinated, to make them more visible to potential matches. And OKCupid will even let users filter out potential partners based on whether they’ve gotten a vaccine.

Surprise New Header

Since I am an old man now for the sake of nostalgia I had planned on using the original MHW site Header to make a new Header today. When I say early I mean back when I coded the site by hand in .html (badly I must confess) early. The problem was it seems the font I used from a 1,001 piece budget clip-art collection I bought for that purpose is apparently still a commercial font. Since I can’t find that package and I am not willing to pay FORTY DOLLARS for a twenty plus year old font. It seems that right now I am SOFL. I am not giving up all hope yet though as I am willing to bet I still have the original clip art software package somewhere. If I do, I will eventually make another header using it when / if I find it. In the meantime if you are wondering what the font that shall remain nameless looked like, look no further than the “Books” page.

No More Internet Explorer

OK let’s see if I remember how to do this, and after over 10,000 previous news posts it would be a shame if I didn’t.

I would be surprised if there is one single person reading this saddened by this announcement.

If you’re one of the 10 people on the planet who absolutely loves Microsoft’s venerable Internet Explorer browser, you’d better spend quality time with it while you can—Microsoft is retiring the browser on June 15, 2022.

Signing In

It’s about time to hang up an “Open” sign and SLOWLY post some news. It is not like anyone is reading this yet though. I still am not satisfied with the site layout yet but if we wait for that to happen I might die first (more on that later). I have been considering trying a Patreon account here in the future. It would be nice if the site could stop getting into my pocket and be able to be self-sufficient enough to at least pay for the hosting.

Loading O/S

I had hoped this time when I restarted the site that things could be different, that I could finally implement my original vision of public interactivity that I had for the site twenty years ago. But just like the first time SPAM once again quickly raised its ugly head. As you can probably imagine by SPAM I don’t mean canned lunch-meat, several varieties of which IMO can be quite tasty. In this case I mean “Comment” SPAM. Not five minutes after I made the first new post on the site it started. In an hour I had more than a dozen pieces, porn, extreme politics, racism, sexism, etc. it ran the whole gamut. Since I don’t have the time or inclination to manually approve each and every comment coming in for now I have just turned them off. Sad I know but at the moment this seems the best of the bad solutions. So for some reason if you want to contact me please see the contact information on the “About Us” page.

Initializing BIOS

After an inordinate amount of digging I happened to stumble across the original twenty year old concept artwork I commissioned for MHW. Check them out on the right side of the site. I hope you enjoy it. No promises but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one or two more surprises coming in the next few weeks. I guess that is all for now. Peace out.

Reboot In Progress

I spent more than four hours yesterday looking to find a theme I could tolerate (barely). Not sure where this is going yet but definitely don’t look for 15 or 20 pieces of news daily like in the past. I will say I look forward to spending more time producing the occasional content than mucking around with the site design and layout.