Surprise New Header

Since I am an old man now for the sake of nostalgia I had planned on using the original MHW site Header to make a new Header today. When I say early I mean back when I coded the site by hand in .html (badly I must confess) early. The problem was it seems the font I used from a 1,001 piece budget clip-art collection I bought for that purpose is apparently still a commercial font. Since I can’t find that package and I am not willing to pay FORTY DOLLARS for a twenty plus year old font. It seems that right now I am SOFL. I am not giving up all hope yet though as I am willing to bet I still have the original clip art software package somewhere. If I do, I will eventually make another header using it when / if I find it. In the meantime if you are wondering what the font that shall remain nameless looked like, look no further than the “Books” page.