Evening Reading

Being a Kentucky native this is big news here. Even though it is not really PC related.

Enjoy it while it lasts, though. General Motors hasn’t confirmed it but, given the timeframe, this may be the last gasoline-powered Corvette Z06. There has been a Z06 version of each new generation of Corvette since 2001. With GM moving towards electric vehicles, it’s not clear there will be another gasoline-powered Corvette model on which to base another Z06 after this.

Weekend Reading

Not computer related but this looks like a world of fun for someone that has more money than they know what to do with.

For the warbird enthusiast looking for something that offers that little bit extra, the brokers at Platinum Fighter Sales might just have a solution. At $850,000 it isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s also amazingly inexpensive considering the performance it offers. This F-104 Starfighter is a true Mach 2-capable machine that can climb at nearly 50,000 feet per minute, and it looks like it’s achieving its maximum speed when it’s sitting still on the ground. The aircraft for sale also has a storied career behind it, and a very reasonable 2,500 flight hours ‘on the clock.’ This, the fastest of privately available antiques, truly represents a unique opportunity for the biggest speed freak among us, and having the chance to own one, in an airworthy condition, is a rarity indeed.

Windows 11 Slows Down AMD CPU

If you run a system with an AMD CPU, you might want to hold off upgrading to Windows 11 for a bit.

AMD has announced that all of its WIndows 11-compatible processors can suffer from reduced performance in some applications when used with the new operating system, with extreme outliers in eSports gaming titles resulting in up to a 10-15% reduction. For applications, AMD says that the performance impact weighs in at 3–5%. A software update and a Windows Update are in the works to address the issues, with both expected to arrive in October 2021 (this month).