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I had hoped this time when I restarted the site that things could be different, that I could finally implement my original vision of public interactivity that I had for the site twenty years ago. But just like the first time SPAM once again quickly raised its ugly head. As you can probably imagine by SPAM I don’t mean canned lunch-meat, several varieties of which IMO can be quite tasty. In this case I mean “Comment” SPAM. Not five minutes after I made the first new post on the site it started. In an hour I had more than a dozen pieces, porn, extreme politics, racism, sexism, etc. it ran the whole gamut. Since I don’t have the time or inclination to manually approve each and every comment coming in for now I have just turned them off. Sad I know but at the moment this seems the best of the bad solutions. So for some reason if you want to contact me please see the contact information on the “About Us” page.