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Kanie Hedgehog W HSF

The Hedgehog is quite a distinguished looking Heatsink. All copper, weighing it at the better part of 1.3 lbs, this baby is BIG! Without a doubt this is be biggest and heaviest heatsink I’ve ever used. It was within a couple of millimeters from my PSU. When I first picked it up I was amazed at how heavy it was. I was a bit nervous about mounting it on the ZIF socket instead of directly to the motherboard tray, but all went well.

Hedgehog Front View

The Type W came with everything including heatsink, clip, shroud, and all the necessary fan mounting hardware for around ~$35. Since we also opted for the monster Delta 50 cfm 60mm fans (both for ~$34), the longer screws were also included. The heatsink was very easy to put together. There was also an instruction page on how to assemble the unit, clip and fans. This instruction sheet was a nice touch, although I didn’t use it. Make sure you order the 3 pin to 4 pin converter because your Delta fans require more power than most motherboards supply.

Hedgehog Open Box


The Hedgehog Type W uses all 3 flanges found on the ZIF socket on your motherboard, giving it a much more secure attachment than the original Hedgehog. It was a little strange installing it, since the clip can rotate out away from the base of the heatsink, it does however hold the hog firmly in place. Removing it was surprisingly easy in comparison to other heatsinks I have worked with in the past, including the Thermalright AX-7 and the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ and especially easier than those stock AMD HSF’s!

Hedgehog Top View     Hedgehog Bottom View

The "mirror polished base" has no pits or valleys, but instead it is a perfect flat surface and does not require lapping. It will fit all Intel socket 370 and AMD socket A processors, note this does not include the P4 (423 or 478) sockets. Also notice the raised sides on the hog which helps keep this beast above any obstacles close to the ZIF socket. I thought for sure the chipset heatsink was going to be in the way of the hog, close fit, but no touch.

Hedgehog And Fans


-Name Hedgehog-type W
-Material C1020
-Size 61(W)X69(H)X121(D)[mm] -Weigt 750[g]
-Fan 60X60X25[mm] (2)
-3pin connector/molex
-Speed sensor

Test System:

Asus A7V333 Rev 1.04
AMD XP 2200+ (not overclocked)
CORSAIR XMS Extreme Memory PC3200 DDR RAM Western Digital 7200rpm ATA100 "Special Edition" 80GB HDD 8mb cache
Pioneer DVD-117 16X
Asus V8460 Ultra GeForce 4 Ti4600
Dlink DFE-530TX+ NIC
Antec True Power 430W PSU
Win XP
80mm H x 80mm L (at the base) and 123mm L (at the top) x 62mm W


Hedgehog Graph

Roughly 42C on an XP2200+ under full load seems pretty good to me, however the noise is nothing other than obtrusive when the side panel is off. However the true enthusiast will look past this as a price to pay for performance.

Hedgehog Installed

With the case completely enclosed the performance did suffer a little bit, but I fault my choice of case for this review. The case has 2 80mm intake fan but only 1 80mm fan for exhaust. In my opinion this does not sufficiently displace the heat the Hedgehog is removing from the CPU. I did add a PCI slot cooler but it did not make any significant difference in case temps. I will probably switch this machine to another case that has dual exhaust fans to see if the performance does any better. On a side note, the dual Delta’s on this heatsink really move the air. With the side panel off, the air movement can be felt more than 4 feet away from the case and the noise can be heard 3 rooms down the hall to the living room! My wife says "If this machine stays on 24/7 it will have to be in the closet!"


The hedgehog is a great heatsink with the ability to keep your CPU cool. Did the hedgehog find a new home with my A7V333? Yes it did! The fan noise is loud but when the music is on or while playing a game it is not too bad. This is an extreme cooling setup with the deltas but the cooling benefit far outweighs the fan noise.


  • Great performance
  • Easy assembly
  • Mirror polished finish
  • Three prong clip holds HSF firmly


  • Clip rotates while installing
  • Loud fans

A special thanks to Plycon for supplying us with a great heatsink and 2 awesome fans!

Added: September 12th 2002
Reviewer: KingKash
Score: 9  
Hits: 3134
Language: english


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