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Hot Hardware Two For One
Overclocking Gigabyte Z77X Motherboards

"This mainboard features Gigabyte’s 3D Power engine and the associated all-digital PWM controller array. There’s a big red power button on the PCB itself, along with less conspicuous reset and CMOS switches. You can physically toggle between two BIOSes with the BIOS switch, and there are physical voltage measurement points on board and a debug LED display, too. The UD4H supports essentially any Intel socket 1155 chip, as well as up to 32B of DDR3-2800(OC) memory."

Embracing Win 8 With A New PC System Build

"One of the perks of working at a place like HotHardware is that we have access to some of the hottest hardware around. So when I decided to dive into Windows 8 head-first a few months ago, I thought I'd give the OS as much breathing room as possible and install it on a freshly built, ultra high-end rig. Building myself a second system for Windows 8 while tweaking and getting accustomed to the OS's new interface, and whatever other quirks popped up, would help me remain semi-productive before making the actual transition to the new machine."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 17:13:43 PDT (784 reads)
AMD Hires Ex Apple Designer
"Advanced Micro Devices will soon announce it has hired a former Apple graphics chip designer to bolster its engineering leadership bench as it turns itself around, CNET has learned. Raja Koduri, who most recently served as director of graphics architecture for Apple, will be rejoining AMD four years after leaving that company, people familiar with the hire told CNET. He will be taking on a role in AMD's graphics business, though it wasn't immediately clear to CNET what his title would be. AMD is expected to make the announcement next week."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 01:14:20 PDT (905 reads)
Tweaktown Two For One
CaseLabs Merlin SM8 Case

"For the longest time, as I see people asking for recommendations for a new chassis, I kept seeing the name CaseLabs being added to lists. At first I wasn't so sure about this company or what they had to offer. I am used to seeing chassis much like this concept, but they were from the likes of Danger Den, and while cool and fun to build, those cases always left me wanting in room, compatibility with my loop components, and most importantly, I didn't like the acrylic dust attracting materials for a chassis. You could have always gone to the likes of MountainMods, but from what I hear, the components are flimsy, and for the cost, customers are sometimes left with remorse for paying so much to be disappointed."

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"I've always loved Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the world that was created, now all the more so that I understand the backbreaking efforts and pre-digital craftsmanship that went into its production. Director Robert Zemeckis, fresh from his success with the Back To The Future franchise (the third of which was in post-production at the same time as Rabbit) was on a roll and successfully made a picture that although has well and truly been supplanted from a technical perspective, has the heart and soul as real and pervasive as anything made since."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 12:25:54 PDT (867 reads)
Think Computers Two For One
How To Protect Your WiFi From Intruders

"Portable hotspots have become extremely popular among people who constantly find themselves on the road. The increase in WiFi hotspot usage means an increase in malicious users who’s primary goal is to gain access to these types of networks and the information that’s being transmitted on them. If you’ve recently purchased a mobile WiFi hotspot device, follow these simple tips to help keep the hackers, jackers and slackers out of your personal business."

In Win Rocker Mat Nousepad

"When you think of a mouse pad you think about the old floppy foam ones or even the textured plastic ones that were big in the early 2000’s. With those you have to worry about getting it dirty or spilling your drink all over it. Well worry no more my friends! This mousepad is washable, water resistant and scratch resistant because it is made from aluminum. That’s right, ALUMINUM! It is the first that I have ever seen and might just be the first one to hit the market."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 12:17:14 PDT (829 reads)
Techgage Two For One
Roccat Isku FX Keyboard

"At the time of writing, the Isku FX is ROCCAT’s range-topping keyboard. Appropriately it’s packed to the gills with features and capabilities lesser keyboards tend to eschew. No, it’s not a mechanical keyboard, but despite this is it still worth your hard-earned dollars?"

Resident Evil 6 PC

"The Resident Evil series has been at the forefront of horror games since its first game on the PlayStation in 1996. Does this latest Resident Evil maintain the same level of creativity and bouts of genuine horror, or does it prove that the game has become a follower rather than a leader?"
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 11:58:16 PDT (849 reads)
LAN OC Two For One
GTX 650 Ti Boost SLI

"Yesterday I took a look at the MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost Twin Frozr 2Gb OC Edition, although I teased about its extremely long name I was impressed with the card overall. Being the second GTX 650 Ti Boost that we took a look at, I of course couldn’t resist pairing it up with the reference card as well for a little SLI testing. As with our other SLI and crossfire posts we don’t mess around talking about the cards at all. You can check out the individual reviews for that."

Tomb Raider

"Tomb Raider is one of those franchises that has been around forever. Whether you are a lifelong fan, or someone who buys different installments periodically, there is always something to do with Laura Croft on her insane adventures. This time we take a look at the plainly titled Tomb Raider, a reboot by Crystal Dynamics that hopes to bring the franchise back to level of glory it had on the original Playstation. I can only hope that there is something as silly and exciting as locking the butler in the freezer to keep me entertained."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 06:55:26 PDT (794 reads)
The SSD Review Two For One
Samsung SM843 240GB SSD

"On the enterprise side, things were even more veiled. Unless you were a Tier-1 OEM, you had a difficult time procuring Samsung enterprise drives. Many distributors simply did not carry them as part of their line card, so small and mid-sized companies were out of luck. With the introduction of the SM843, Samsung has taken what has worked so well for the 840 Pro, namely performance, price and marketing, and carved themselves out a great niche in the enterprise market."

Crucial M500 960GB SSD

"By the time this report of the new Crucial M500 960GB 6Gbps SSD is published, Crucial will have succeeded in the most significant SSD release of 2013. Not only is a 1TB SSD finally available to the consumer, but also, Crucial guarantees M500 success with a price point that could create ‘price panic’ in retail SSD sales. They have gone further though. Without a premium, Crucial has included key enterprise features in the M500 that make the M500 hard to match."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 17:04:59 PDT (1022 reads)
eTeknix Two For One
AMD FX-4130 Black Edition CPU

"As part of this regeneration, AMD have targeted their 4-core lineup of chips and one of these in particular is the FX-4100, a quad-core 3.6GHz chip that still retails for a wallet friendly ~£70-80, although we do have to take in consideration that this older model is now end-of-line. In order to keep this chip alive and to boost its energy, AMD have upped its core clock speed by 200MHz taking it up to 3.8GHz and boosting to 3.9GHz when it feels like doing so. Other changes to the package include a far improved stock cooler which AMD claim will allow for better overclocking from the totally unlocked Black Edition chip over its older brother."

AZiO Levetron Mech5 Keyboard

"AZiO Corp is a new brand to us at eTeknix, so we're honoured today to be reviewing their flagship gaming keyboard, the Levetron Mech5. AZiO Corp is primarily and American brand, although we do occasionally see some of their products over here in the UK - and should expect to see them more often soon. This is the first time I've had my hands on one of their products to review, so I will make sure I pay close attention to the build quality and performance. The keyboard itself is known for its modular form, with nearly every aspect being customisable."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 16:58:20 PDT (801 reads)
Hardware Secrets Two For One
Cougar Spike Case

"The Spike from Cougar is a mini tower case supporting only microATX motherboards. Targeted to gamers who like to carry their PCs to LAN parties, it comes with the insanely low price tag of USD 40, although you can find it for as low as USD 35. Let's see if it is worthwhile buying this bargain."

Thermalright AXP-100 CPU Cooler

"The Thermalright AXP-100 is a low profile CPU cooler aimed at SFF (small form factor) computers and HTPCs. It has six heatpipes and a 100 mm fan, and is only 2.28 inches (58 mm) tall. Let's see if it is a good option."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 16:48:37 PDT (840 reads)
Pure Overclock Two For One
Corsair AX1200i Power Supply

“The Corsair AX1200i power supply is a monster unit designed for those consumers who require a high-wattage power supply that brings top performance and a price tag to match. Marketed for enthusiasts (particularly gamers), the AX1200i has an entirely modular setup, is 80PLUS Platinum Certified, comes with an innovative hardware/software monitoring setup, and sports some other nice features that look very promising. Let’s see if this Corsair AX1200i can meet our expectations.”

PowerColor PCS 7870 Myst Edition

“we’re examining the PowerColor PCS 7870 Myst Edition. It comes with the newly neutered chip and also a sleek cooler that has some beefy heatpipe with direct touch technology for lower temperatures. What’s particularly enticing is this PowerColor card qualifies for an AMD promotional offer that tosses in two A+ gaming titles worth $120 into the package. That sound like an outstanding deal, even if the performance isn’t quite as stellar as the 7900 models. Let’s take a closer look at the PowerColor PCS 7870 Myst Edition and see how it fares.”
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 16:42:21 PDT (767 reads)
Legit Reviews Two For One
OCZ Vertex 3.20 20nm 240GB SSD

"OCZ is certainly getting a lot of mileage from the Vertex moniker. First introduced way back in early 2009, it seems a lot longer than just four years ago. They have good reason to perpetuate the name as the Vertex drives have been one of if not the best selling line of SSDs ever. Back in 2011, we first had a look at the Vertex 3 drives featuring the then new SandForce SF-2281 controller. At the time, it featured 25nm -34nm (keep reading!) MLC NAND and set the bar for enthusiast level SSD performance. Fast forward to 2013 and OCZ has quietly released the latest Vertex 3 incarnation with a .20 mantissa tacked on to represent the 20nm MLC NAND contained within..."

Seagate 500GB SSHD Thin Hybrid Drive

"Hard drives with solid state cache storage, also known as hybrid drives, have been around for awhile. They are popular with laptop users but until now, those that have equipment designed to work only with 7mm high drives have been out of luck. Seagate's latest SSHD has been redesigned to a smaller, 7mm form factor as well as improved performance. See how it compares to the previous generation Momentus XT drive."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 @ 19:28:38 PDT (831 reads)
Nikktech Two For One
Cougar Challenger Black Case

"Now for good or bad the market is currently filled with all sorts of PC cases ment to cover all tastes and requirements (space and features wise) so the possibility of not finding a suitable one is almost nonexistent something which i can't say for even just a decade ago. Personally as some of you know i always like to use full tower PC Cases because they offer enough interior space to mount even the largest hardware components without having to spend much time in the process and that's why i can't wait until the latest Obsidian 900D by Corsair reaches our doorstep in a couple of weeks. However for people who care not about having a PC case with lots of interior space and are not willing to spend much cash for one the latest Challenger Midi Tower by Cougar might just be the ideal solution."

Tesoro Shrike HL2 Laser Mouse

"As most of you know Game of Thrones Season 3 aired 2 days ago and so after watching the first episode i still can't figure out why game developers have still to make an RTS based on the series. Sure it would take some time for someone to actually make a good RTS based on the series but since the storyline is already done and the landscape is also ready (based on the intro map) so why not? A 3rd person RPG based on the series was released last year and we did end up playing it but that's an experience I’d rather forget all together if possible (yes it was that bad). Luckily as things are now we have quite a few single and MMO FPS (First Person Shooter) games and since we are currently spending quite a few hours per day on some of them we decided to test the SHRIKE HL2 gaming mouse designed and manufactured by a brand new player on the block called Tesoro."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 @ 19:23:27 PDT (779 reads)
Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 @ 10:15:17 PDT (855 reads)
Bjorn 3D Two For One
PowerColor PCS+ AX7850 Radeon 2GB

"The PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+ is the fastest factory overclocked HD 7850 on the market. The card features PowerColor’s own custom cooler with 5+1+1 phase power design, DrMos and IR Digital PWM that allows enthusiasts to push it even further. And the mixture of ports and the bundle makes it one of the best HD 7850 available on the market today."

ASUS AiCloud Software

"ASUS has had some recent success in the networking side of the industry and much like they do in the motherboard market they are now expanding the network devices to do so much more. This comes to us today to showcase the newest addition in the AiCloud feature so let’s see what it has to offer."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 17:24:20 PDT (782 reads)
Benchmark Reviews Two For One
INEO I-NA321U Plus Docking Station

"Try to imagine what the ideal external hard drive docking station might look like. It should be compact, intuitive to use, and ideally be a relatively good looking piece of hardware. And it should be fast. At first glance the I-NA321U+ seems to have all that and more. The I-NA321U+ is a USB 3.0 compatible dual hard drive docking system with a few very handy features. Perhaps the most interesting of the value-added features is a one touch drive copy function. In this article, Benchmark Reviews will take a look at this relatively new dual drive docking station from ineo Technology, Inc."

Fractal Design Define R4 Case

"In the PC hardware market you tend to get exactly what you pay for. It's not always the case, but 9 times out of 10 you will find that if you pay less you get less. How else can we justify handing over $110 for 12kg of cleverly crafted sheet metal and vacuum formed plastic. We pay for the brand and we pay for the looks, and some of us also pay for build quality. In this article Benchmark Reviews aims to delve deep into the Fractal Design Define R4 Arctic White Case (Model: FD-CA-DEF-R4-WH), and see if it's got what it takes to satiate the appetite of today's enthusiast. The Fractal Design Define R4 features include: the use of sound reducing materials, a 3-speed fan controller supporting up to three fans, modular drive bays and support for very large hardware."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 08, 2013 @ 17:13:00 PDT (861 reads)
Techgage Two For One
Killing Your Internet With Killer Ethernet

"We’re PC enthusiasts. We buy bigger graphics cards to improve our gaming, better audio cards to improve our immersion, and feature-richier gaming peripherals to improve our skill. Is it so unreasonable, then, to purchase an Ethernet card that promises to deliver the best-possible net experience for gamers? It’s an oft-debated topic, and one that doesn’t have a clear conclusion."

Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition

"The last game I would have ever expected to see released this month on Steam was Duke Nukem 3D, but lo and behold, it’s here. Dubbed the “Megaton Edition”, this one packs in upscaled graphics, three add-on packs and soon, multiplayer. Oh, and achievements. Let’s check it out, and compare it to the classic version and the HRP."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 18:16:03 PDT (764 reads)
Hot Hardware Two For One
Examining Intel's SSD 525 Series

"It has been quite a while since we last an mSATA solid state drive (SSD) under the microscope. It's actually only been about two years, and if you care to jump into our time machine, you can see what we had to say about Intel's 310 Series mSATA SSD in 80GB form. The idea then was the same as it is now -- to offer full-size SSD features and performance in a smaller form factor that can wiggle into increasingly thinner Ultrabooks and mini PCs like Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC). Intel's forging ahead with mSATA SSD production and just recently released its 525 Series (Lincoln Crest), essentially a smaller version of the company's high octane 2.5-inch 520 Series..."

Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

"When Blizzard announced that they were splitting Starcraft II into three titles, Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void, the general reaction from fans was controversial. The fear was that Blizzard would pad out the contents of each game with busywork missions and red-herring plot devices, while charging full price for each. The company later clarified that the second campaigns would be priced like expansion packs. Heart of the Swarm is the first chance we've had to see if Blizzard's expansion strategy would result in the same quality of game play. Wings of Liberty (WoL) launched at $59, while Heart of the Storm (HotS) is $39. That $39 buys you 20 main missions and 7 "Evolutionary" missions, plus the multiplayer maps and Arcade. All in all, it's a pretty good deal but of course, we had questions..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 18:08:45 PDT (749 reads)
X-bit labs Two For One
Five Way Low-Profile PS Roundup

"The versatility of compact power supply units is overwhelming: SFX12V (in several different implementations), TFX12V, CFX12V, LFX12V, FlexATX... Today we will discuss the units from two very popular categories: TFX12V units are often used in compact system cases, while FlexATX power supplies are also a popular choice for U1 servers."

AMD Trinity vs. Intel Ivy Bridge

"Inexpensive hybrid processors become better and faster. Which one should be your today’s choice? Should you go for an AMD A10, A8, A6 or A4, or prefer an Intel Core i3, Pentium or Celeron? We carried out an extensive test session of Socket FM2 and LGA 1155 platforms with integrated graphics and are ready to answer this question for you once and for all."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 17:48:00 PDT (770 reads)
Hardware Secrets Two For One
Radeon HD 7790 vs. GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost

"The Radeon HD 7790 is a completely new GPU, launched to fill the gap between the Radeon HD 7770 and the Radeon HD 7850. One of the main novelties brought by the Radeon HD 7790 is the presence of a total of eight power states (called “DPM states,” in AMD’s lingo) instead of only four as in previous products. This means that the GPU has more levels of clock and voltage configurations, and the GPU automatically changes between these levels depending on current GPU usage, to make the GPU consume less power and to dissipate less heat."

Intel DIY AIO Standard Computer

"All-in-one computers, also known as AIO, are systems built inside the same case as the video monitor, designed to remove clutter from your desk. The problem so far is that parts for all-in-one computers are not standardized, meaning that each manufacturer uses its own design and choice of components, which may not be compatible with an all-in-one from another manufacturer. To solve this problem, Intel is leading the industry in creating a standard for all-in-one components. This way, parts designed for one system will fit in another, making the life of AIO manufacturers easier. This standard also allows users to build their own all-in-one computers from scratch."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 19:31:56 PDT (742 reads)
TechPowerUp Two For One
Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply

"Today, we test our first Cougar PSU, the PowerX-550 that belongs to the mainstream category. It addresses the budget-oriented user looking for a reliable PSU that will get the job done. This unit doesn't include many bells and whistles, but promises a high price/performance ratio."

Cooler Master Seidon 120XL Water Cooler

"In a crowded market where everyone is releasing all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, is Cooler Master's Seidon 120XL different enough to distinguish itself from the competition? The low price point of $89 is certainly enough to attract attention."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 @ 19:16:19 PDT (760 reads)
Madshrimps Two For One
SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Mouse

"SteelSeries have produced another cool themed product and now we are talking about the Guild Wars 2 gaming mouse. The maximum 5670 CPI value is not stellar, but the tracking is really good on many surfaces we have tried the mouse on. GW2 mouse is also equipped with red LEDs which can be customized from the Engine unified software interface."

Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse

"Corsair has refreshed its performance peripherals series with the new M65 and M95 mice, which sport updated laser sensors, but also have introduced new colors to the mix. While the Gunmetal Black and Military Green versions sport a rubberized surface, the Arctic White variant comes with a glossy finish, so users have more choices to choose from compared to the previous iterations."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 20:15:44 PDT (717 reads)
Legit Reviews Two For One
EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost

"The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB video card launched in October 2012 with a $149 suggested retail price. Here we are just five months later and we have the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 1GB for $149. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST is a far better gaming graphics card at this price point and it just goes to show power of eliminating the memory bottleneck and the higher clocks speeds of NVIDIA GPU Boost technology. Owners of the original GeForce GTX 650 Ti video card won't be happy when they read this, but if you've been waiting for something sweet to come out in the $150-$170 price range, you should have finally found it..."

PowerColor PCS HD7870 Myst

"The overclocking performance of the PowerColor PCS HD7870 MYST was on par with other Tahiti based video cards that we have reviewed in the past. The card was able to overclock up to 1235MHz on the core and we were able to get an extra 100MHz out of the Elpida GDDR5 memory. The performance jumped up over 10% thanks to this large overclock and can help justify the higher price of this card if all overclock this good..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 20:10:09 PDT (770 reads)
Roadrunner Supercomputer Being Shut Down
"It's the end of the line for Roadrunner, a first-of-its-kind collection of processors that once reigned as the world's fastest supercomputer. The $121 million supercomputer, housed at one of the nation's premiere nuclear weapons research laboratories in northern New Mexico, will be decommissioned Sunday. The reason? The world of supercomputing is evolving and Roadrunner has been replaced with something smaller, faster, more energy efficient and cheaper. Still, officials at Los Alamos National Laboratory say it's among the 25 fastest supercomputers in the world."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, April 01, 2013 @ 10:52:24 PDT (761 reads)
RB Mods Two For One
AOC D2757Ph 3D Monitor

"Looking for a cheap 3D gaming monitor? AOC has made monitors as long or even longer than I have been in the business and they have always made quality products at a lower price. This passive 3D monitor has some nice looking features but will it perform well enough?"

Coolermaster Centurion 6 Case

"The front side of the case is fully covered in mesh. This gives Centurion 6 quite a unique look and personally I think it looks quite astonishing. Thr Centurion logo is printed in the lower half of the case and there are three 5.25″ slots on the upper section of the case. Centurion 6 has silver bezels on both sides of the front panel and front panel connectors are located in the top section of the front panel."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 14:51:13 PDT (755 reads)
Seagate ST91000640NS SATA3 2.5'' HD
Our friends at OC Inside test a Seagate Constellation.2 1TB HD, the SATA3 ST91000640NS to be exact.

"SSDs are currently the first choice for a high performance at very small dimensions. The SSD prices are getting lower, so that now even 256 GB or 512 GB are getting affordable. But those who would like to equip their notebooks with a bigger drive like e.g. 1 TB, will probably buy a conventional hard drive. And even for desktop PCs or servers a 2.5-inch hard drive can make sense, which Seagate is showing us with their fast Seagate Constellation.2 1TB 7200 U/Min Enterprise hard drive. Today, we take a look at the Seagate ST91000640NS and tested it with the latest firmware SN02. Unfortunately we could not test, if this hard drive is really running 1.4 million hours without a failure, but the MTBF reliability is approx. 160 years at 24/7 operating. But let us test the performance of the Seagate Constellation.2 1TB SATA3 hard drive and compare the results with the previously tested solid state drives and hard drives."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 14:14:07 PDT (804 reads)

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