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Crazy PC Square Window Kit
David and company have a Crazy PC Square Window Kit Review and Mod up today.

“Why should I be interested in another window kit?” You are right; everyone and their dog has a window in their PC. I have a feeling what I do in this next article will be copied by some of those people, and perhaps some of their dogs! This IS a review of a window kit, but it is also my own personal mod. I’m going to briefly run through the process of installing the window, and then I will get to the mod… Think of it as having to eat your veggies before getting dessert. Just remember that you saw it first at ExtensionTech! Lets do this!"
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 10:04:49 PST (1172 reads)
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Flying Pigs & Pink Elephants
Microsoft is preparing to announce their new licensing plan related to eight Windows Server OSes. In a nutshell this means large corporations will be paying less for MS software licenses.

"A key component of the change is how Microsoft counts server processors. Under the existing licensing scheme, a company running Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 database on a 16-processor system, for example, "would probably have to pay for all 16 processors, even if you only use four of them"

Could it be that the Open Source trumpets are being actually heard up on Mt.Olympus?
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 09:54:12 PST (965 reads)
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Naming Names
The 64-bit Opteron processors from AMD will have a new (and welcome) naming scheme.

"How does the new name work? The first digit is for the number or processors a system based on the chip can contain, ie. 1 for uni-processor boxes and 8 for eight-way systems. There will be Opteron 1xx, 2xx and 8xx parts"
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 09:49:53 PST (904 reads)
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Softy Modding
For those of us unwilling to heat up the soldering iron, there is still a way to get an extra 20% performance outta our ATI 9500pro without even cracking open the PC case - Can you say BIOS mod...?

"Once the BIOS has been flashed, you will need to be prepared to reinstall the drivers. Windows will more than likely detect the card as a Radeon 9700 Pro, so don't be alarmed. Aside from the BIOS update and the flash utility, I used two other utilities. Radeonator simply for overclocking purposes, and RivaTuner merely for its Soft9700 Patch"
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 09:57:17 PST (945 reads)
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Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 06:38:33 PST (903 reads)
20'' OLED
Advances in technology are great, and soon LCD's are going to get cheaper because of it. Myself I already own 2 LCD's but I paid way too much for them. Too bad I could not have waited :(

"Compared to a-Si TFT LCD displays, the light-emitting a-Si OLED displays, which require no color filters, backlight modules or liquid crystal, are cheaper to produce and consume less power."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 14, 2003 @ 06:36:45 PST (987 reads)
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Color Changing LED
Since LEDs are all the rage right now it figured it would just be a matter of time before someone introduced a 5 Color changing LED like this to the market. These things could be big!

"Are you looking to change the color of your LEDs on your case? Why settle on only one color when you can get five with a Color Changing Led from Amk Computers?"
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 20:13:19 PST (1048 reads)
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Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 19:55:14 PST (932 reads)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
A1 Electronics have just posted their latest review of the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card.

"ATI now has an even faster Radeon 9800 Pro which uses the improved R350 core. ATI will now have 9200, 9600 & 9800 replacing their previous line which used the R300 core.Basically the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro is clocked faster with small enhancements compared to the earlier ATI Radeon 9700 Pro."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 18:16:30 PST (1040 reads)
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AOpen AX4GE Tube-G Motherboard
Techwarelabs reviews the Tubesound powered analog AOpen AX4GE Tube-G motherboard.

"AOpen recently produced a set of boards as a successor to their revolutionary AX4B-533 Tube motherboard, a motherboard with a unique audio solution powered by vacuum tubes. TechwareLabs takes an exclusive first look at AOpen's modifications and improvements with the AX4GE Tube-G motherboard, part of the second generation of AOpen's line of TubeSound motherboards."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 18:09:42 PST (1245 reads)
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Site News
What's this? Has hell froze over MHW finally has a new review up for you today. While we are still a ways from getting all the old content moved over to the new design. I decided it was time to take a break from that and put up some new content. Look for the news to start slowly picking back up also.
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 18:02:00 PST (990 reads)
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Xtra Xtra
I thought I would partly empty out the news mail account since it's overflowing.

ATi Remote Wonder @ Viper Lair, GeForce FX goes mobile @ Bjorn3d, Albatron PX845PEV-800 @ , Enermax Mid-Tower Case @ Reviewnation
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 11:35:32 PST (931 reads)
Logitech MX700
Computingondemand has a review of what is probably the hottest mouse on the internet right now, the Logitech MX700.

"Today I am reviewing a cordless optical mouse. The Logitech MX 700. I know what you're thinking "a mouse review?". I thought the same thing till I started using it. It's very comfortable and precise for an optical mouse. It is also a very good looking mouse. The silver and black theme will go with most aluminum or black system setups very nicely. Even more so if you just happen to be an Oakland Raiders fan."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 11:08:03 PST (1005 reads)
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Chip On Your Shoulder?
Having a chip on your shoulder could be literally true, according to clothing retailer Benetton.

"In the case of Benetton, labels on its Sisley clothing brand have been fitted with Philips' RFID-enabled i.code chips. The chips, which are incorporated into the clothes during manufacturing and are imperceptible to the consumer"
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 06:29:03 PST (1117 reads)
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Clouds In My Eyes
Adrian brews up a sound conclusion regarding Nvidia's SoundStorm optional high-end audio I/O card for nForce2 mobos.

"As you can see, only three motherboards have so far been given SoundStorm certification. No other motherboards should be claiming SoundStorm support as NVIDIA has only approved the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, the MSI K7N2G-ILSR (with S-Bracket) and the ABIT NF7-S motherboards. So, if you are looking for SoundStorm-compliant motherboard, look no further than those three motherboards."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 06:23:57 PST (1042 reads)
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Super Computer
The former Super Computer that was bleeding edge back in '96 - the Fujitsu VPP300 - is currently on sale on eBay. Just think what it could do for your GeekaZoid prowess

"With 13 143MHz vector processors, a fast crossbar interconnect and 14GB of RAM, the four-cabinet machine boasts peak performance taps of 28.6 Gflops. "
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 13, 2003 @ 06:19:04 PST (1160 reads)
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Site News
As you can see there are a whole lot of changes still going on here with the site redesign, enough though is finished that this place is actually starting to feel like home. The majority of the credit for that goes to Mike (whose name is at the bottom of the page). Who is by far the fastest coder I have ever worked with. Far and away the largest complaint I have received with the new design was the table colors in the review section. That problem is now fixed. If you see any other problem areas drop me a line and I will put them on the ever shrinking list. It won't be much longer now and the news and the reviews/articles will start picking up again. In the meantime feel free to visit the forums and hang out or chat about the new design.
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 21:43:32 PST (874 reads)
SimCity 4
For all you god game fans OcPrices have just finished a review of SimCity 4.

"SimCity 4 is as we all expected it would be, very similar to the previous games. While this would ultimately kill films and most games, it actually strengthens SimCity 4’s chances, as the game design is already so near-perfect that the game was bound to be good if it just followed from where the last one left off. But does it add anything new on top of this already brilliant formula? That’s the million dollar question."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 18:10:51 PST (1025 reads)
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The Contiki Operating System
A new OS for the Commodore 64? This one is REALLY old school. Even though my name is at the top of the post Dave actually sent this one.

"Hmmmm...lets see, an OS with the following: screen saver, multi-tasking kernel, window system and GUI toolkit, TCP/IP stack, webserver, telnet client, and web browser - all in less than 42K. The entire OS is run from memory, not a drive, making it fast - even on 8 bit systems!!!!! And, it has a BSD-style license with a free download."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 13:20:42 PST (1058 reads)
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Heatsink Guide
The Madshrimps have a quick article about hardware cooling. They call it the Heatsink guide.

"Ever wonder what you could cool down in your case using heatsinks and some fans? I'll explain to you how to chill ram, mosfets, chips, videocards, HDD and much more. Take a look and discover the power of creativity..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:12:15 PST (1118 reads)
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DFI Xabre X400-T2 64MB
Today Hexus have a new review titled; DFI Xabre X400-T2 64MB.

"I'd like to recommend the DFI Xabre X400-T2 but find it difficult to do so. Whilst fully appreciating that the card has been available for some months now, it still doesn't detract from SiS not playing on a level playing field as far as drivers are concerned. The drivers, too, are a little basic compared to what we've come to expect recently. I applaud the fact that SiS and DFI have decided to take on the aforementioned two in the budget sector, but the final product will have to be substantially better if it's to give NVIDIA and ATi sleepless nights."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:29:07 PST (1112 reads)
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PCStats has a MSI G4MX440-T8X Half Height Videocard Review. This really is one of the smallest modern video cards I have seen. As noted this would be important if you were for some reason using a 2u server case.

"While ATi and nVIDIA battle it out for the performance crown it's actually their mainstream/budget videocards that bring in most of the money. Win the mainstream battle and you'll win the war as they say. To this effect, nVIDIA know that their TNT2 M64, GeForce2 MX and GeForce4 MX line of videocards have long been popular with manufacturers and OEM's. It's not that ATi cannot offer the same type of product, it's just that until recently ATi has been focusing more on being a performance leader and offering competitive pricing on their flagship line of cards only. Today we're going to be looking at yet another GeForce4 MX videocard, but what makes the MSI G4MX440-T8X special is that it is a entirely silent half height card especially suited to small form factor PC's or Book sized PC's."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:56:17 PST (1095 reads)
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CeBIT 2003
AMDboard has it's CeBIT 2003 coverage up. While we have linked one or two CeBIT items already there is some new stuff I hadn't seen here.
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:26:53 PST (1044 reads)
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Serial ATA
Systemcooling has published an article called Basic Introduction to Serial ATA.

"It would seem that the changeover from Ultra ATA hard drives to Serial ATA is gaining momentum with more and more new motherboards being released with Serial ATA connectors installed. The whole drive behind SATA is, and was of course increased speed, with an end product that also reduces cable clutter."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:24:17 PST (1026 reads)
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Zalman ZM80-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler
Frostytech has Zalman ZM80-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler Review. Remember silent is GOOD.

"Recently I was looking around at the heatsinks & cooling gear of a local computer store to see if they had anything new and interesting. Aside from the dozen or so CPU heatsinks sitting on the shelves were a few items for cooling video cards, including the standard assortment VGA card slot coolers (don't bother, they are a waste of money) and a few BGA fan sinks from Thermaltake. As I stood looking at this assortment of heatsinks and fans it struck me first off that there are very few companies actively making cooling gear for videocards, and secondly that there is only one I know of making silent cooling gear for videocards. That one company is Zalman Tech Co. of Korea, and of the five models of silent VGA coolers they have produced, only the recently released heatpipe series have captivated the mass attention of consumers."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 10:21:31 PST (1097 reads)
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