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Bigger Better Gun (Outcast)
There has been some discussion in our forums about the weapon, the P90, featured on the popular TV show called “Stargate SG-1” after some digging I managed to find a bit of hard copy about it…and it weren’t easy to find either! This firearm is so advanced that the U.S. army backed away from it even though it represents a leap forward in firearm technology…read for yourself.
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 21:36:17 PST (956 reads)
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Minimalist...Case MOD (Insulglass)
MHW has linked up all sorts of case mods in the past. Heck we even published a case made entirely out of Lego. That being said I have never seen a case mod quite like this. I don't want to say too much more for fear of ruining the surprise.

More Hlatlas
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 13:05:11 PST (906 reads)
Prometeia Phasechange Cooling Unit
DWPG takes a look at the Prometeia phasechange cooling unit from Chip Con, one of the most powerful cooling solution available on the market.

"The process used to make today's CPUs is known as CMOS, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor CMOS technology. One of the characteristics of semiconductors made with this process is that they become more efficient as we lower their operating temperature. For example at -120C the efficiency of a CMOS CPU actually doubles -- at least in theory.

This also applies to devices cooled less aggressively, so cooling a CPU to -20C will give us an increase by about 20%. Now, 20% may not get you overly impressed, but supercooling the processor in addition to an increased supply voltage will get you a substantial increase in efficiency.
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 12:58:48 PST (863 reads)
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Bubble Light Kit
It seems the FlexiGlow Dual Bubble Light Kits found on the front of many of the new cases are now ready to go solo.

"You already have LED fans and cold cathodes, but you want something unique again. Flexiglow has something that may spark your interest, check out these bubble lights!"
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 10:03:07 PST (874 reads)
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Intel Q&A
Explosive labs have released the answers from their Intel T&A, sorry Freudian slip there.

"Q1: Do they think a time will come when not raw power but added features (such as Hyperthreading) will be of a paramount selling point? If this is the case have they looked into anything special, if so what?

A1: For the past few years we have been focusing on elements beyond performance, such as battery life and wireless computing in the mobility space, and ease of use, Serial ATA, USB 2.0 in the desktop space. Actually, Hyper-Threading is a performance story, it is just an innovative way of getting there. The market is very segmented these days, and you need to look at the needs of each type of user and give them what they want.For some it will be the highest performance they can get.There is no one size fits all paramount selling point that covers all segments. Oh yeah, we have all sorts of things cooking in the labs, stay tuned."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 09:54:40 PST (813 reads)
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Antec LANboy Case
A1-Electronics have just posted their Pocket review of the Antec LANboy case.

"We are very pleased to say that there were no rough edges to cut us. In fact all the edges are folded over for a smooth safe finish inside."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 09:46:12 PST (954 reads)
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EEEEeeewwwww (Outcast)
According to this article at New Scientist the secret to space is poop. Well…at least the recycling and conservation of it within the closed system of a spaceship. Before you gross out you should know that most cities water supplies have been purified and re-fed back into the local aquifer then pumped from that aquifer to your sink…therefore the water you are drinking HAS been through countless bodies before YOU got to it. Additionally poop is rendered into fertilizer via bacterial action and sold to farmers…so you get it back in your veggies…heh heh.
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 09:40:31 PST (929 reads)
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Epox 8RDA+
3dextreme has a Epox 8RDA+ (Nforce2 Chipset) Motherboard Review today.

"The Epox 8RDA+ at stock speed performed very well however it was during the overclocked testing that the Epox 8RDA+ really shined. I have been running this motherboard with the front side bus set at 200 mhz for about 2 weeks now and with 100% stability. I have been able to push this combo a bit farther with the highest front side bus setting of 202mhz at 1.75 volts, this being the highest FSB I have ever been able to achieve..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 09:36:03 PST (970 reads)
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ATA 133 Colored Rounded Cables
Computersphere has a quick dirty one pager on colored ATA 133 Rounded Cables.

"Clear Cases are becoming more and more popular; People are always looking at different ways to make their case more appealing. First was a window on the side to see what they have inside. Now it's making the whole case clear. They have been showing up at more and more LAN parties I go to. Companies are producing different color mobo’s, heatsinks and lighted case fans and what better way to show all that off by using a clear case."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 09:25:04 PST (924 reads)
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Coolermaster Neon LED Case Fans
Overclockersclub has a review of the new Coolermaster Neon Case Fans today.

"With more and more people showing off the guts of their computer these days, black fans are going the way of steel beige cases. I mean, lets get real, who wants to look through a window and see a dull black case fan? LED fans have come a long way in just a short time, and some LED fans produce such a nice glow that neons/CCFLs are almost unneeded. Today, we'll take a look at two of Cooler Master's Neon LED Fans..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 22:02:01 PST (922 reads)
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C3 Blue Ice Acrylic Case
This C3 Blue Ice Acrylic Case seems to have a few twists on the Acrylic Case theme. For one thing it's blue for another it has some sort of carry handles.

"ClearComputerCase, or C3 as they are more commonly known, are a company that make acrylic transparent PC Cases. They started life making enclosures for electronic equipment being used in industrial environments, so that the systems could be checked externally, thus minimizing downtime. From this, they have also started making cases intended for the home enthusiast market. Their pricing places them firmly at the premium end of the market, and today I'm taking a look at their Blue Ice CT-1430 model, provided by The Overclocking Store"
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 22:01:01 PST (842 reads)
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German City Adopts Linux (Insulglass)
A city in Germany is claiming to be the first city in the world to fully adopt Linux for all its computers. You gotta love Microsoft's response. Tell me does anyone actually believe that quote below?

"Microsoft Germany spokesman Thomas Baumgaertner insists open-source can get more expensive in the long run because of training costs and add-ons such as administrative software for updates. "The cost analyses are in Microsoft's favor," he asserted."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 21:55:02 PST (883 reads)
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Compro Poladyne Ti4800SE
Bjorn3d has a review today of the Compro Poladyne Ti4800SE. I have never heard of this card personally but it doesn't look a bad deal.

"With all the talk about new cards like the ATI Radeon 9800 or the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra it is easy to forget that most people don't want to or can't afford to buy one of those. Thus it still is interesting to look at the GeForce 4 Ti's since they still pack enough punch for most of the users. Today we are taking a look at the Poladyne Ti4800SE from Compro."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 13:30:25 PST (854 reads)
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Gateway 700XL
I know most of you guys build your own PC. I for one would never own a store bought PC. If you find yourself thinking for some reason about a pre-built system you could do worse than this one.

"From the outside, Gateway's flagship system the 700XL with the digital video software package is a pretty sweet package. DVD-R/RW, CD-RW, (2)200GB hard drives, 512MB RAM, a Boston surround sound system, two 18" LCD displays and a top of the line Radeon 9700 Pro video card are available with the 700XL. Add to that a complete video editing software package as the core software - and you can see what Gateway's challenge is: to make a system that meets the qualifications of every home video editor's dream."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 13:24:52 PST (877 reads)
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Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 07:29:17 PST (810 reads)
Sticky Buns (Gozlandog)
More on the speculations that Apple may switch to Intel processors.

"Apple has been concerned about Motorola dragging its heels in the processor wars and failing to achieve clock speeds that are even half of what AMD and Intel are achieving. Apple has attempted to rationalize clock-speed issues, but the company knows that it cannot do this forever."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 07:15:31 PST (1326 reads)
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Coarse Hair (Gozlandog)
The Corsair CMX512-3200LL 512MB DDR memory module gets reviewed over at PC Stats.

"We had absolutely no problems running this memory at 200 MHz with the most aggressive memory timings enabled in the BIOS (at 2.5V). The stick we tested was overclocked to about 210 MHz FSB with a voltage of 2.77V, with good stability."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 07:12:07 PST (857 reads)
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Tubular Bells (Gozlandog)
Just when we almost believed that Microsoft might have possibly learned something from the barrage of antitrust cases against them - here we go again (hand in hand with Office Depot).

"Only products that conform to Microsoft's Designed for Windows XP rules and carry its logo will be sold in Office Depot after May this year, the INQUIRER has discovered. (See memo at the foot of this article). These rules apply to both software and hardware products, and suppliers have been given a deadline to either include the Microsoft logo or see their products disappear off the shelves"
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 07:09:37 PST (920 reads)
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XML Bogdown 2K3 (Gozlandog)
Windows 2003 XML documents may cause antivirus software slowdowns while being scanned.

"When saved as an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file, the macros can more or less wind up anywhere. This means that scanners must search the entire contents of a file, rather than examine the part of the file where macros are always positioned"

Now, isn't that why we are supposed to buy 3Ghz CPUs...?
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 24, 2003 @ 07:05:54 PST (922 reads)
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Kingwin Divine Power Supply
Since Power Supply that have three fans are no longer uncommon eventually someone was going to make a Power Supply with four fans, Kingwin has done just that. I can't help but wonder what's next?

"When I first heard of the availability of the Kingwin power supply that indeed, equipped with four fans and touted as “Silent”, you know I had to get my hands on one. Today, we’ll show you the Kingwin Divine 450W unit in all its glory. The photo below is of their Black Aluminum Cased version and it’s also available in a straight Aluminum Colored version."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 23, 2003 @ 22:48:11 PST (958 reads)
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Powercolor's Radeon 9700
At Dukgamers today they have got a review of Powercolor's Radeon 9700 Evil Commando 2 Gold graphics card.

"The Powercolor Radeon 9700 Evil Commando 2 Gold is one of the highest performing cards available on the market at the moment and is achieves near Radeon 9700 Pro performance for a more wallet friendly price of around £200 in the UK and around $250 in the US, prices should also fall slightly as retailers get rid of stock ready for the Radeon 9800 cards. Based on the R300 chip the Evil Commando 2 Gold supports DirectX 9 and should be more than capable on running future games such as Doom 3, for today's games the Evil Commando 2 Gold has enough power to play with Anisiotropic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing turned on which improves ingame image quality. Overall the Powercolor Radeon 9700 Evil Commando 2 Gold is a very fast graphics card that should be strongly considered if you are looking to upgrade anytime soon."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 23, 2003 @ 22:32:46 PST (959 reads)
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Site News
We now have over 50 reviews converted over but moving all the old content to the new design is taking longer than I originally anticipated. The reviews should be done in the next day or so and then I will start moving over our old articles.

I have had a few people ask why the product scores now seem different than with the old design? The answer is on the old design we were originally using a hundred point grading scale whereas we have now moved over to a ten point grading scale.

If you notice anything that looks broken, like links pictures spelling errors or anything that looks not quite right, please drop me a line. In the process of moving all of the reviews over it is not only possible I will make some mistakes it's pretty much unavoidable. So if you have a few minutes to kill why not poke around an old review or two? You will be doing us a big favor.

One more thing, I was setting up an AOL account last night and tested the AOL hacked version of IE that AOL uses to make sure it was functioning. Much to my surprise I discovered that AOL 8.0 actually has a pretty darn good pop-up blocker they have built in to their bastardized version of IE. So do you mean that AOL can implement this very useful right into the browser yet MS can't? That is just plain sad.
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 23, 2003 @ 22:31:41 PST (937 reads)
Crucial USB 6-in-1 Card Reader
8ballshardware reviews the Crucial USB Portable 6-in-1 Card Reader. No matter what type of media your digital camera uses this device can probably read it.

"Usage of the card reader is pretty straightforward; plug it in, insert flash media, and open from explorer to browse the contents of the media. Only problem is that Windows Explorer doesn't know which slot corresponds to which drive letter, so its up to you to find out through trial and error."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 23, 2003 @ 10:03:35 PST (865 reads)
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Natural Multimedia
Envynews sends word that Microsoft has refreshed it's Natural keyboard, it is now blue. Read on to see if that is all that has changed.

“The layout of the Natural Multimedia Keyboard is very similar to the old Natural (original). The left side of the keyboard is nearly identical, but the right is where the changes lie. The Backspace, Enter and Shift keys are longer, and the Windows button is removed from the right side between the Alt, and Ctrl keys. If you tilt the keyboard forward a bit, the common Ctrl keys are printed on the front. This does not really mean anything for me because I know 99% of them by heart, but for a beginner, this will be something of benefit.”
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 23, 2003 @ 10:02:24 PST (891 reads)
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Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Saturday, March 22, 2003 @ 23:57:29 PST (1027 reads)

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