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FBI May Be Spying On You
"The FBI used National Security Letters -- a form of surveillance that privacy watchdogs call “frightening and invasive” -- to surreptitiously seek information on Google users, the web giant has just revealed. Google’s disclosure is “an unprecedented win for transparency,” privacy experts said Wednesday. But it’s just one small step forward."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 07, 2013 @ 07:41:42 PST (798 reads)
Legit Reviews Two For One
Seasonic G Series 550W SSR-550RM PS

"Today we will be taking a look at another highly advanced product from Seasonic, yet one meant for the bulk of advanced users and gamers, the G-series 550W power supply. As the series name suggests, the G-series products come with an 80Plus Gold certification. The current pricing of the specific model we are going to examine is $89.99 shipped. For an 80Plus Gold certified and modular 550W power supply, this is not a bad deal at all nowadays..."

Mushkin Atlas mSATA 30GB SSD

"While our performance comparison was limited to only one other drive of the same capacity, that comparison drive is probably is on top of the mSATA 30GB heap being an Intel 525 Series drive. That makes is a very nice yardstick to measure up the bantam Atlas Deluxe drive. In that regard, the Atlas measures up very well with performance numbers that are very robust for a drive of this size. The maximum performance attained is 555MB/s sequential reads and 379MB/s sequential writes."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 15:27:17 PST (718 reads)
X-bit labs Two For One
Asus GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC

"We are going to discuss the features, functionality and performance, as well as cooling system efficiency and acoustics of one very interesting graphics accelerator from Asus. On top of that, we will also run some tests using the new 3DMark suite."

Deepcool FrostWin CPU Cooler

"It is the first cooler with a dual-array heatsink and two fans in the sub-$40 price segment. And I am not talking about some compact mini-cooler, but about a fully-functional cooling system with overclocking potential. Let’s find out what it is capable of."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 07:30:18 PST (867 reads)
APH Networks Two For One
SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB SSD

"Before we move onto the fancy technical details about SanDisk's Marvell 88SS9175 based solid state drive, let's briefly discuss the physical attributes of the SSD first. The SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB has a very simple appearance -- a plain black cover with a sticker in the middle, and this is it. However, once you pick it up, you will notice where the difference is. Rather than the usual aluminum housing in most SSDs, the entire enclosure is made out of plastic. Usually, aluminum is desirable because it is lightweight and dissipates heat well, but I don't see the Ultra Plus running too hot during operation, haha. On top of the flat plastic finish is a large label across the center to ensure the user will make no mistake that this is a SanDisk Ultra Plus drive. Measuring in at 100.5 mm x 69.85 mm x 7.0 mm, its thickness -- or lack thereof -- will ensure wide compatibility. If, for some reason, a full 9.5 mm is needed for installation, a rubber spacer is included out of the box."

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Mouse

"When it comes to design, the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor takes on an interesting hourglass shape, and has a 'Razer-esque' feeling to it. The only thing that seems a little weird is the cable has a protruding cable reinforcement tip coming out of the mouse. It seems similar to one that can be found on AC adapters used to prevent the cable from bending too much; not that it is really bothersome, but it feels as though it should be removable. The rest of the cable is a heavy duty plastic said to be more durable than regular plastic mouse cables. It would have been nice to see a braided cable instead, but it is quite understandable, given the circumstances of price. Lengthwise, the cable is approximately 2 meters long, which should be more than sufficient for most standard users."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 07:22:11 PST (779 reads)
21st Century Polaroid
"A real-life Instagram camera is set to go on sale after being backed by Polaroid. The camera was originally developed as a concept by designers Socialmatic. It contains a lens, touchscreen and printer - and has been designed to look like the icon for Facebook's photo sharing site."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 14:41:07 PST (841 reads)
No Deal
"It appears that Best Buy founder Richard Schulze will not be resuming control of the struggling electronics retail giant any time soon. Negotiations between the Best Buy and Schulze's investment group have concluded without an agreement for taking the company private, sources with knowledge of the matter told The New York Times, although they cautioned that talks could resume in the future. Schulze, who founded Best Buy in 1996 and served as CEO until 2002, still owns 20 percent of the company and had proposed paying between $24 and $26 per share in cash to acquire the outstanding shares he doesn't own -- a premium of as much as 40 percent over today's closing price of $17.50. Schulze told the company's board last August that he would pay up to $8.8 billion for the big-box electronics chain, saying he was "deeply concerned about the direction of the company."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 03, 2013 @ 12:23:00 PST (783 reads)
Xtra Xtra
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 03, 2013 @ 07:38:05 PST (981 reads)
Bjorn3D Two For One
Nvidia GTX Titan

"Recently Nvidia launched the GTX TITAN which has proven to be a monster of a card and with extreme capabilities for the most demanding enthusiast gamers. Last week, we released a preview. Now, after some time with the card we have some results to show what you can expect from a single TITAN in both 1080p and surround gaming."

Noctua Low Profile Coolers

"Noctua is well-known for providing some of the biggest and most efficient air-coolers among enthusiasts and overclockers. Their latest cooler, the NH-L9 series, is designed to meet the demand for the growing market of the small form factor PC with its extreme small foot-print and low 37mm height. Today, we have both the NH-L9i (for Intel) and the NH-L9a (for AMD) here today."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 03, 2013 @ 06:48:01 PST (801 reads)
TechPowerUp Two For One
ECS A85F2-A Golden Motherboard

"Dropped like a block of gold on your foot, the ECS A85F2-A Golden arrived on my doorstep, nearly blinding me with its flashy package. The ECS A85F2-A Deluxe is ECS's high-end AMD APU offering right now, and it is sure to add that "bling" to any new AMD APU build."


"NZXT released the successor of their flagship HALE90 series, the HALE90 V2. The latter includes three members that retain the same efficiency ? Gold - while the competition has already jumped on the Platinum wagon, but it has many interesting features and looks great. In this review, we will look at the HALE90 V2 1000 W."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 28, 2013 @ 11:04:01 PST (798 reads)
Benchmark Reviews Two For One
OCZ Vector 7mm SSD

"The OCZ Vector 2.5" solid state drive (VTR1-25SAT3 series) is an ultra-slim 7mm high-performance SSD storage device produced in-house by OCZ Technology with a focus on reliability. Featuring OCZ's new Indilinx Barefoot 3 storage controller, the Vector SSD series is built to produce optimized performance for enthusiasts wanting to capitalize on near-instant response times. OCZ Vector SSDs are available in 128/256/512GB capacities, and deliver up to 550MB/s read speeds with up to 95,000 Random Read IOPS. In this article Benchmark Reviews puts these specifications to test, and compares the OCZ Vector solid state drive against the leading competition... "

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Keyboard

"It is now common to see gaming peripherals in the marketplace that originate from manufacturers that are originally known for producing high-quality computer components. Gamers certainly welcome this trend, and we all hope that it continues because the end result is that we have many outstanding options from which to choose. Being one of the manufacturers that is known primarily for producing motherboards and other computer components, Gigabyte has quietly been providing us with some solid peripherals. Its latest keyboard entry, the Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Keyboard, is, clearly, very well constructed, boasting Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 28, 2013 @ 10:06:58 PST (861 reads)
Evening Reading
"Australian mining entrepreneur Clive Palmer on Tuesday unveiled blueprints for Titanic II, a modern replica of the doomed ocean liner, although he stopped short of calling the vessel unsinkable. The ship will largely recreate the design and decor of the fabled original, with some modifications to keep it in line with current safety rules and shipbuilding practices, and the addition of some modern comforts such as air conditioning, Palmer said at a press conference in New York. The three passenger classes, however, will be prevented from mingling, as in 1912, Palmer said."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @ 18:22:35 PST (747 reads)
Techgage Two For One
Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB SSD

"It’s the attack of the SandForce clones! Can any heroic atomic-powered SSD come to save us? Does Corsair’s Neutron have what it takes to rescue our PC in distress? Will the hordes of the positively-charged solid-state armies be neutralized in time? Tune in this week (or now) to find out!"

Seagate Constellation ES.3 4TB HD

"We took a look at both of WD’s 4TB hard drive options in the past month, so it’s a great time to get some Seagate action going. The Constellation ES.3 competes with WD’s RE in the enterprise space, but it brings an interesting feature to the table: a 128MB cache. So let’s give the the drive a good test and see if it can topple the RE drive we raved over."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 @ 12:56:57 PST (786 reads)
Google Releases New Laptop
"Google is proving this week that it is much more than a software maker. It's just previewed Google Glass, its Internet-powered glasses, and now it's announced a new laptop -- the Chromebook Pixel -- based on its Chrome operating system. The laptop has a high-resolution 12-inch screen and will start at $1,300."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 00:59:24 PST (773 reads)
Pro-Clockers Two For One
Cooler Master Notepal A200

"The new Notepal A200 is the newest laptop cooling pad from our friends at Cooler Master. Cooler Master’s goal for the new Notepal was for it to be lightweight, silent and look good while cooling your 16” or smaller laptop. Let us take a look at the cooling pad to see if it could be your next cooler."

OCZ Vector 256GB SSD

"Just recently we bought to you OCZ’s Agility. A good little drive which was aimed at bring good performance to the masses as a pretty price. We saw the drive test ok but wasn’t anything breaking. It wasn’t meant to be. But if you are looking to bring ultimate performance to your desktop, ultrabook or laptop, than the new OCZ Vector maybe what you are after."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:45:08 PST (822 reads)
Pure Overclock Two For One
Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler

“Today we are looking at the new Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler. One thing that comes to mind first is this cooler definitely stands out with its aesthetics. While the color choice by Thermalright isn’t your typical user’s first choice… we found it to be quite interesting. However beyond its aesthetic appeal, we are interested in taking a closer look at the SB-E X2 cooler to find out if it will live up to its name in the thermal solution world. The twin fan single slim tower design may not look like much, but we are looking forward to finding out if it will hold up to expectations.”

Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler

“We’re all aware of Sapphire and their Vapor-X technology. They’ve been implementing said Vapor-X technology on video cards since the 3870 with great success. Can the Vapor-X technology be adapted for CPU cooling as well? It sure can…but will it perform the same way it does on their graphics cards? Well lucky for us Sapphire sent us one of their new Vapor-X Universal CPU coolers to test and find out. So without further adieu let’s take a look!”
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:36:06 PST (781 reads)
APH Networks Two For One
Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W PS

"Our review unit of the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W came in its retail packaging. Being super colorful and all, it is certainly able to grab my attention, which is a great thing. Unfortunately, maybe because of my mild color blindness, the retail box’s artwork looked somewhat confusing as well. The contrast between the giant “M2” and the background seems a bit too low. It took me more than split second to recognize those two characters. Even its main selling point, the line “1500W”, took me a quarter of a second to find. The cheesy lightning isn’t helping either. Sadly, all Silent Pro M2 series share exactly the same artwork sans the wattage rating. However, do not be fooled by the artwork. Weighing over 10 pounds, this package is a beast. Did your mother ever teach you “You can never judge a book by its cover?” Maybe I am being too harsh, but just take a look at our photo above and you can be the judge."

Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case

"Opening up the box reveals the CM Storm Stryker computer case sandwiched between two large marshmallows of Styrofoam blocks. This packaging is very standard, as the brackets are used to absorb shocks and/or drops while shipping the chassis. Pulling off the brackets, as well as a plastic bag, reveals the Stryker in its snow white beauty. All of the panels, including the large window, are covered with protective plastic tape to remove the chances of scratches. At first look, I must say it is already living up to the impression: This is a tank of a case. I'll get to the looks more in depth later. I am quite pleased with all the packaging that was put into the box to make sure there were no cosmetic damages."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:31:07 PST (831 reads)
Benchmark Reviews Two For One
Das Keyboard Model S Keyboard

"Metadot's Das Keyboard is one of the most recognized keyboards on the mechanical keyboard market. The Das Keyboard has become one of the standards to which all other mechanical keyboards are compared. The question that Benchmark Reviews will be trying to answer is Metadot's keyboard "The" keyboard to have or is it just another mechanical keyboard in the growing market of mechanical keyboards aimed at both the gamers and the professionals. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Das Keyboard Professional Model S Mechanical..."

Fractal Design Node 304 M-ITX Case

"Everything is getting smaller. With today's emphasis on efficiency and mobility, and processors that do even more with much less power consumption, it is a trend that will probably continue. With the success of enclosures such as the BitFenix Prodigy and Coolermaster's Elite 120 Advanced, it is great to see other manufacturers embrace this trend and put their own innovations and ideas into the small form factor market."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:23:23 PST (791 reads)
Nikktech Two For One
Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Case

"The introduction of high quality PC cases with lots of features, spacious interiors and designs to match the above from the top manufacturers such as Lian-Li, Corsair, Cooler Master, Thermaltake and Silverstone is something that all of us more or less expect from companies that have been around the block for many years and pretty much know what consumers want. However what is least expected by everyone is when a brand new manufacturer emerges and manages almost with no delay to design and manufacture a PC Case that can rival those manufactured by the leaders in the field."

be quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 CPU Cooler

"Much like PC Cases in the market one can find countless CPU Coolers of every size, type and design aimed towards pretty much every user out there from casual users, gamers and enthusiasts to overclockers, professionals and even enterprise users. However although the sky is really the limit in this section of the industry there aren't that many low profile CPU Coolers for HTPC use with serious cooling efficiency available currently something which is perhaps the most important reason as to why most HTPC owners are not very eager when it comes to overclocking their systems."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:15:20 PST (820 reads)
eTeknix Four For All
Cooler Master HAF XM Case

"While the HAF range maybe popular and have a reputation to uphold here so too does Cooler Master who have already established a large following of fans in the PC building community. Their designs are generally regarded as robust, packed with features and for the most part affordable in terms of price vs performance. While they do have some budget friendly cost effective solutions, Cooler Master are well known for their flagship range of Cosmos chassis such as the Cosmos II and lets not forget the CM Storm range with the ever popular Scout chassis. So it will be interesting to see where in this vast range that the HAF XM fits in."

NZXT Kraken X60 Liquid CPU Cooler

"NZXT's Kraken X60 is special in that it is the first 280mm all in one liquid CPU cooler to hit the market. With NZXT conducting the market transition from 120mm/240mm to 140mm/280mm they are able to offer more surface area, larger fans capable of shifting more air and resultantly more performance than the competition - all that with what is their first entrance into the liquid CPU cooler market. Although, given that this NZXT Kraken X60 design uses a Asetek 240mm radiator, block and pump base design, we anticipate it won't be long (probably less than a few weeks from writing this) before Corsair, Thermaltake and many others have their own equivalents."

Wavemaster Moody 2.1 Speakers

"Today I'll be taking a look at a mid-price range 2.1 speaker system from Wavemaster, a popular German audio company that seems to have big ambitions for the rest of Europe, including the UK. Priced at around €69 they're certainly priced well enough to attract a lot of general consumers. This is something that has caught the attention of the German markets where they are proving a popular choice on and today we hope to find out why they're proving so popular. Wavemaster might not be a company you have heard of, which makes sense given their German origins as a company, not to mention the fact a lot of our eTenix readers are from both the UK and US."

Zowie AM Ambidextrous Mouse

"This week I've been sharing my computer time with the rather slick looking, ambidextrous Zowie AM mouse. There seem to be a fair few ambidextrous offerings on the market recently and being a ambidextrous person, the chance to use this mouse was something I've been really looking forward to. Not only because it supports both left and right hand use but also because over the last 12 months I've become quite a fan of Zowie products overall, their headsets, mice and gaming surfaces have yet to disappoint me and now it's time to take a look at how well the AM lives up to the high standards set by other Zowie products here at eTeknix."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 08:01:47 PST (784 reads)
Hardware Secrets Two For One
Enermax Triathlor FC 650W Power Supply

"The Triathlor FC is the latest power supply series with the 80 Plus Bronze certification from Enermax, coming to replace the MODU82+ series. So far, three models were released: 550 W, 650 W, and 700 W. Let's see if the 650 W model is a good buy."

Prolimatech Genesis Black Series CPU Cooler

"The Prolimatech Genesis Black Series is a CPU cooler with two heatsinks, one vertical and one horizontal. It supports up to three 120 mm or 140 mm fans. Let's test it."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 07:49:09 PST (805 reads)
Tweaktown Two For One
Trim Check: Overview

"Like many SSD users I have always wondered whether TRIM actually works on my systems or not. We can check if TRIM is enabled simply by running the fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify command within an elevated command prompt. If the result is DisableDeleteNotify = 0 this means that TRIM is enabled. This however only means that the operating system is configured to send TRIM commands to the SSD controller; it doesn't necessarily mean that TRIM is fully functional. There is a method to check for TRIM functionality using a hex editor, but apart from that there hasn't been an easier and surefire way to find out whether TRIM actually works or not."

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360

"From a visual perspective the game is even more of a letdown. Bland textures, pop in and graphics so bad that I literally checked my Xbox was operating in 1080p still. This could have passed for an Xbox game, but not an Xbox 360 game. Considering we are coming to the end of this generation, we are just stunned that Gearbox allowed this game out the door looking like this. The other platforms are not as bad as the Xbox 360, but still not as good as they could be. The Xbox 360 version is an absolute mess in this regard. Voice acting is serviceable at best, but admittedly some of the alien effects and especially the motion scanner capture the sounds of the franchise well."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 16:16:17 PST (838 reads)
Legit Reviews Two For One
Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 Motherboard

"All in all I have to say that the GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 is a great board and it's been a pleasure to work with over the past couple of weeks. Despite having the rather high price tag of $399.99 I would easily recommend the Z77X-UP7 to anyone looking for a top of the line motherboard..."

Logitech G600 MMO Mouse

"The G600 isn’t very attractive as a result of Logitech emphasizing ergonomics and function over aesthetics. I wouldn’t call the Razer Naga attractive either with its own waffle of buttons, or really any other MMO mice such as the Corsair M90 and the Mad Catz M.M.O. 7. The G600 just looks weird, but for all the right reasons..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 07:50:41 PST (809 reads)
Facebook To Pay No Tax
"Facebook will not pay any tax for 2012 despite making $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations, according to a report released on Thursday. But Mark Zuckerberg's company will also get a multimillion dollar tax refund of around $429 million according to Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ). The refunds reportedly come from tax deductions on executive stock options and share awards."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, February 17, 2013 @ 23:23:59 PST (815 reads)
BCC Hardware Two For One
OCZ Vector 256MB SSD

"OCZ has done it. They've taken their not-too-long-ago purchase of Indilinx, matured it and created a controller that does a very good job. The features of this drive are excellent and the performance is even better. The fact that OCZ is seeing the future and putting all of this performance into a 7mm drive is also a very good thing. That ensure it will work on anything from Ultrabooks to Rackmount SAS arrays and everything in between. If you want great, scratch that - excellent performance, you can get it in a 7mm drive from OCZ that is sure to knock your digital socks off."

CM Storm Trigger Keyboard

"This keyboard wins big when it comes to the keys. I find that the spacing is great and that they are of good quality. They stand up to hard presses and they also register on soft ones thanks to the Cherry MX Red switches. Most everything with this keyboard works extremely well."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, February 15, 2013 @ 18:13:44 PST (785 reads)

"Today we have on our testbench the EVGA GTX 650 Ti SSC with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. The card runs at 1072 MHz GPU clock, which is higher than any other GTX 650 Ti available at this time. Using manual overclocking we could even increase memory clocks by 40%!"

Silverstone Precision PS08 Case

"The Precision PS08 is the newest addition to the Precision family of cases from Silverstone. Its key selling point is the ability to hold large graphics cards within its compact and nearly weightless belly, but is it enough to sway people away from mid-tower cases for the same price?"
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, February 15, 2013 @ 18:05:00 PST (775 reads)

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