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Luigi Is Back
"Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" releases today for the Nintendo 3DS, a lengthy sequel to Nintendo's short 2001 GameCube title "Luigi's Mansion." In the new game, as in the original, Mario's younger twin-brother, Luigi, takes the spotlight, hunting through haunted rooms for spooks and specters with a vacuum cleaner strapped to his back, equipped to suck up and capture creatures of all sizes. In the second part of our discussion with Shigeru Miyamoto, we asked the renowned creator of "Super Mario Bros." and producer for "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" about what Nintendo is calling "The Year of Luigi," a year of games geared toward featuring the green-clad plumber."
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 03:39:42 PDT (785 reads)
HardCoreWare Two For One
Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD

"Kingston have refreshed their value SSD lineup with the SandForce based Kingston V300 SSDNow. Using 19nm Toggle, durability is retained while price is low."

Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile Cooler

"The Noctua NH-L9i fits a very specific niche - to silently cool Intel CPUs when used in ultra low profile enclosures without sacrificing performance. Is it worth the upgrade over an Intel stock cooler?"
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 10:56:29 PDT (774 reads)
Nikktech Two For One
Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000W PS

"Last month we witnessed the introduction of the world’s fastest single GPU graphics card the GeForce GTX Titan by NVIDIA which is basically a cut down version of the K20 Tesla compute accelerator for supercomputers. Owning such a graphics card however is only the beginning since you also need to pair it with a very high quality power supply unit capable of feeding it with lots of clean and stable power. The 80Plus Platinum certification has been out for almost 2 years now and always accompanies the highest quality and performance power supply units the market has to offer, at least until 80Plus Titanium Certified units finally get released. The latest Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000W PSU is amongst the best out there and although it's been around for quite a while we decided to check it out as we will many other 80Plus Platinum PSUs in the near future."

Oregon Scientific Boombero Wireless Speaker

"So currently in the market we have the usual Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers that require to be paired with a smartphone or tablet and NFA (Near Field Audio) wireless speakers that just require for the smartphone to be placed right next to the NFA sensor (the sensor location is always listed in the user’s manual). Now obviously each type has its advantages and disadvantages but it's worth mentioning that both also offer wired 3.5mm mini plug connections (most models) which can be used by people who don't want to use the extra battery required by Bluetooth connections or people who prefer the more classic way. One such device is with us today and more specifically the Boombero NFA Wireless Speaker by Oregon Scientific."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 18:46:36 PDT (736 reads)
Pro-Clockers Two For One
PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 Video Card

"Will we be talking a look at the between level and inspecting the PowerColor PCS+ HD7850. The latest 7850 variation from PowerColor takes the reference design and tweaks it to be a better performer. This is due to the 140MHz overclock of the reference’s 860MHz Core Clock and the addition of the Memory being supercharger from 4800MHz to 4900MHz. With everything that was just said in the last paragraph we believe that the PCS+ HD7850 will be a winner with the budget gamer."

Prolimatech MK-26 GPU Cooler

"There are companies out there that I would classify as being perfectionist. A company whether small or large that tends to put a lot into the products they bring to market. And no, you cannot say that about all companies. I will not list all the companies I think fall into this category but I will name one. Prolimatech. From the first time I saw an image of their Megahalems CPU cooler I knew they would make a name for themselves in this industry. It performed at the top of its class and has not looked back yet."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 12:01:14 PDT (754 reads)
Schulze To Rejoin Best Buy
"Best Buy Co Inc founder Richard Schulze, who left the board last year and later failed in his effort to take the company private, will rejoin the retailer as chairman emeritus and add two of his former colleagues to the board. The news helped dispel rumors the top investor in the world's largest consumer electronics chain was contemplating selling his stake in the company he founded in 1966. Best Buy shares rose as much as 3 percent on Monday."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 07:29:32 PDT (897 reads)
LAN OC Two For One
PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 GE 2GB

"Generally when it comes to video card reviews, I only get a chance to check out cards when they launch. The rest of the year things are slow and I don’t get the chance to revisit cards as the drivers improve and companies introduce various other designs. Today is an exception to that with a card from PowerColor, their PCS+ HD7870. If you haven’t been paying attention to the market, PowerColor has been changing things up considerably with cards like their Devil 13. I’m excited to see what they have been up to on their other cards as well."

Steelseries Flux Pro Headset

"When Wes told me that the price of earbuds can get quite high I began to wonder what could make a pair of earbuds worth so much money. Steelseries sent us a pair of their Flux In-Ear Pro headphones, and priced at $129.99 they certainly come with a hefty price tag, though still at the price point of most decent earbuds. Join me as I take a close look at them and find out what separates them from their competitors and if they are worth your hard earned money."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 17:43:24 PDT (730 reads)
Heaven Media Two For One
Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X OE

"Last month AMD announced that they would not be releasing new high end products until later in the year, stating that they were extremely happy with the price and performance of their Radeon 7000 series. To be fair to them there is little doubt that the likes of ASUS ARES II 7990 is the fastest single PCB solution around and the 7970 offers a competitive product in the high end single GPU segment... assuming you can't afford a TITAN."

OCZ Vertex 3.20 240GB SSD

""There are a large number of consumers out there looking for the best price performance ratio and OCZ feel that one of the best ways to satisfy those needs is to take the an older (but not necessarily outdated) range and tweak the model to minimise costs. Enter the Vertex 3.20..."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 17:07:49 PDT (760 reads)
Think Computers Two For One
Raidmax Cobra Case

"Raidmax has been around for quite a while, since 1988 in fact. I fell in love with their early designs and they were some of the first cases we reviewed when ThinkComputers started. Since then they have been going strong creating some very unique PC cases. Today we have one of their more budget-minded cases, the Cobra. Coming it at just over $70 this mid tower case offers a pretty cool design, support for 2.5-inch hard drives, two included 120mm cooling fans, USB 3.0 support and a nifty side panel window. Is this the next case for your build?"

be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Case

"Today we are looking at a pair of 140mm fans, the Silent Wings 2 from a company that seems to be too good at their name: be quiet!. Yes that is be quiet, with an exclamation point, and if you are like me this is probably the first time you have ever heard of them. Looking at their website, they certainly have a fairly full product line. The problem seems to be that none of it is for sale outside of Germany. With claims of near silent operation, it’s time to find out if they can actually live up to their namesake."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 17:02:33 PDT (751 reads)
AMD Set To Lower Prices?
"AMD plans to cut some of its APU prices at the end of April to welcome its next-generation Richland APUs, set for launch in early June, according to sources from PC players. Prices of AMD's APUs including A8-5600K, FX-8320, FX-6300 and FX-4300 will see 8-15% drops and the CPU maker will also start shipping its A4-4000 in mid-April for sales in mid-May priced at US$40."
Posted by JimAdkins on Sunday, March 24, 2013 @ 15:59:05 PDT (760 reads)
The SSD Review
Micron RealSSD P400m Enterprise SSD

"The days when an SSD company could take a basic ASIC design and couple it with MLC are long gone. To be competitive in the current enterprise SSD market, your company must innovate. Over the past few months, we have observed innovation happening on two fronts: ASIC design and NAND technology. Each area presents highly complex problems, which in some cases, have been relatively ignored. Certain companies are well positioned to solve these problems. Companies that produce their own NAND and ASICs have a high level of understanding of how all the pieces of an SSD integrate into a single product. They are able to push the boundaries of how the NAND and ASICs interact and squeeze every bit of performance out of the individual components. Micron happens to be one of these companies and Micron P400m is a shining example of what can be accomplished."

OCZ Vertex 3.20 240GB SSD

"The unchallenged leader of SSD models is now reducing it’s consumer line to just four models and, just as unexpectedly, the ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ Vertex 3.20 gets a refresh and remains in that mix. Understanding that the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD is probably one of the most popular SSDs of the past few years, OCZ’s retention of this drive might not be such a shock to most but, competitiveness aside, OCZ now had the opportunity to ‘cleanse’ their product line with in house design. As shown at ceBIT Germany 2013 earlier this month, the OCZ consumer SSD family consists of the Vertex 3.20, Vertex 4, Vector and Vector PCIe. Let’s take a closer look at the 20nm refreshed Vertex 3, OCZ’s new value offering…"
Posted by JimAdkins on Friday, March 22, 2013 @ 17:11:51 PDT (740 reads)
Weekend Reading
" founder and CEO Jeff Bezos today announced that his underwater expedition had successfully recovered the mangled wreckage of two rocket engines from NASA’s Apollo program from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. After spending three weeks at sea, Bezos wrote on his personal blog that he and his team were heading back to Cape Canaveral, in Florida, with a treasure trove of NASA artifacts from the space era."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 20:43:37 PDT (833 reads)
eTeknix Two For One
Corsair Hydro Series H110

"The high performance cooling that "all in one" or "closed loop" liquid CPU coolers bring is becoming ever more popular. Everything above the upper-entry level price point, approximately above £45/€60/$70, is largely dominated by these types of coolers. The market up until January this year was dominated by 120mm radiator or 240mm radiator units. However, Corsair and NZXT, working with Asetek, have now made a significant leap forward in bringing out 140mm and 280mm based radiator units. You will be able to find reviews of the NZXT Kraken X40, NZXT Kraken X60, Corsair H90 and this unit, the H110, on our website. These 140mm fan based units offer larger radiator surface areas and higher airflow fans which ultimately means better cooling performance."

Sharkoon REX8 Case

"Its been a while since I had a Sharkoon chassis in the office, not since the T28 Mid Tower I reviewed back in July 2012. The T28 was a great little chassis and it offered plenty of features and style for such a small amount of money, making Sharkoon one of my favourite budget chassis manufacturers. So the REX 8 Value is a welcomed addition to my review schedule and I'm really looking forward to seeing if this chassis matches or even betters the quality that we saw in the last Sharkoon review."
Posted by JimAdkins on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 18:28:59 PDT (809 reads)
Tweaktown Two For One
HIS Radeon HD 7850 iPower IceQ Turbo

"As someone who has seen dozens of HIS boxes over the years, I have to say the first thing that stood out for us was the new iPower logo at the top of the box. The iPower feature was introduced recently and brought with it some improvements in the power delivery. In this case the HIS HD 7850 iPower IceQ Turbo 4GB brings a 5+1+1+1 PWM phase setup instead of the standard 4+1+1+1 setup. We've also got a 2 Oz copper layer instead of a 1 Oz one and a Dr. Mos Mosfet setup. The problem was that while a number of the new cards we've looked at featured iPower, none of them actually made mention that the feature was included. That's why it's nice to see HIS add it to the box of this new card."

Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD

"Two down, one to go, today we look at the massive 512GB capacity size. The list of 100K IOPS drives is very small and we have most of them in the review today. The one that is missing is Plextor's new M5 Pro Xtreme 512GB. We've working on getting that drive in for a review - stay tuned because we have the other capacity sizes in house already. Still, none of the Plextor drives have ran the same pace as Vector and 840 Pro."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 18:22:18 PDT (746 reads)
BCC Hardware Two For One
CM Storm Scout 2 Case

"The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced Mid-Tower is constructed from high quality steel and plastic. The plastic parts of the chassis are very sturdy and do not flex. The side panels are the most rigid of any case that I have seen so far. It has a flawless finish inside and out and has all interior edges rounded."

NZXT Phantom 630 Case

"All in all, I think this case is pretty decent. There has been a lot of thought put into the modular design that can be utilized by anyone. Whether you're looking for an air cooled case, or you're planning on running a wild, water cooling setup - this case can fit your needs. Novices and hardcore enthusiasts alike will find that the NZXT Phantom 630 case makes their build process smooth and easy. . ."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 18, 2013 @ 15:33:19 PDT (749 reads)
Evening Reading
"A £6m 'personal submarine' for the super rich has gone on sale at a London department store. The 'Spymaster Orcasub' is being sold at Harrods for around £6million - although for those on a budget for their toys, the firm says a cheaper £2m version is also available. The submarine can remain underwater for 80 hours, and passengers don't even need to change out of their dinner suit to travel as each 'pod' has its own life-support system."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 20:29:55 PDT (714 reads)
Nikktech Two For One
Kingston HyperX 16GB 2400MHz Kit

"Compared to well over a decade ago when we just had but a few memory chip manufacturers nowadays more and more brands keep emerging most of which just rebrand memory chips from the leading manufacturers in the field and ship them to the market as their own (oldest trick in the book). Kingston was one of the very first memory chip manufacturers I got to know pretty well during the 90's right next to Intel, Viking, GoldStar (LG now) and Nanya so after using their products for roughly 2 decades I know exactly what to expect in terms of quality, performance and after sales support. However although they've been making memory kits for over 2 decades it wasn't until 10 years ago that they introduced their HyperX line of products aimed specifically towards enthusiasts and hardcore gamers."

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.7 Headset

"Unfortunately however that left us with two choices, either go there ourselves to cover everything happening at CeBIT up close and personal (not really that far compared to CES so it would be a lot easier to do so) or remain here, post news from CeBIT and at the same time continue our testing to keep our schedule. Well the decision was quite an obvious one (although i haven't been in CeBIT for a long time) and so for the past 6 days we've been spending quite a bit of time with the latest peripheral by Mad Catz, the F.R.E.Q.7 7.1 Virtual Surround PC Gaming Headset."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 12:33:44 PDT (751 reads)
Pro-Clockers Two For One
Swiftech H220 AIO CPU Cooler

Swiftech has been sitting back in the cut watching the market and seeing what to do and what more they can do to make their entry into the lower cost AiO market. That entry is the H220 Compact Drive II CPU Cooler. Gabe and company has release a cooler than is more than “an install it and leave it type” solution. This new cooler can be upgraded in many ways. Meaning you can add water blocks as your system grows, refill with the liquid of your liking, add more tubing to accommodate the added blocks as well as other steps to assure that you have a water-cooling system for a life time."

Enermax Ostrog GT Case

"The Ostrog GT or Ostrog Giant is not an understatement when it comes to look by any means. The case speaks of gaming from first sight. The mesh front panel and rugged styling says it all. Is this by any means a bad thing? Not at all, we love the look of Enermax redesigned Ostrog case."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 08:19:04 PDT (729 reads)
Bjorn 3D Two For One
Powercolor HD 7870 Myst Edition

"Powercolor has been a lesser-seen name in the GPU market but their primary focus is AMD based GPU’s since their creation in 1997. Today we have the HD7870 MYST Edition card which is based on the new Tahiti LE GPU, so let’s see what exactly this thing can do."

2013 AMD Mobile APU

"Architecturally, Richland is identical to Trinity as both APUs are based on the Piledriver CPU cores and Southern Island GPU cores. With Richland, AMD has bumped the clockspeed on the CPU and the GPU and improved upon the Turbo Core technology. In addition, AMD has worked with software vendors to provide facial recognition and gesture support that leverage on their GPU computing power."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 18:12:02 PDT (807 reads)
Think Computers Two For One
Swiftech H220 Water Cooling System

"Known today for their excellent quality water pumps, radiators, and liquid cooling blocks, Swiftech is easily one of the market leaders in the mainstream liquid cooling market. Until recently however, they have stayed out of the all in one (AIO) cooling solution game. Now, after 3 years of development, they have announced the H220. Aimed at the average user interested in liquid cooling but not yet ready to jump into a full blown custom loop, the H220 claims to be an affordable, adaptable, and silent cooling solution for all users. Follow along as we take the H220 through the gauntlet to see if it really is all it claims to be."

Case Mod Friday: Monochromos

"At first I started only to design the side panel. Because the original side panel was lost by the courier or claimed so after I sent it for custom window. But then more and more ideas came in, even though this is my first time modding, I said to myself just to give it a try. Monochromos means single color, which is why I used black and white. Because black is one color while white is sometime known as not ‘a’ color because it is the result of combination of all the rainbow colors."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 17:35:21 PDT (732 reads)
AOL Stock Price Up
"I have to hand it to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: after struggling with a flurry of departures and internal turmoil, he has steadied the ship and the markets have rewarded him as a result. A year ago, the Internet media giant lost its CTO, its tech lead, its head of sales, TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld, and a slew of technology people in its West Coast office. Activist investors were calling for a new board or directors, and some were even calling for a new CEO. This launched a three month internal battle that resulted in the AOL was going in the right direction, its stock price was rising, it was beating expectations and its major properties. And since then, AOL has proven me right."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 17:01:51 PDT (768 reads)
No Firefox On iOS
"Mozilla's Firefox browser will have no place on Apple devices so long as Apple continues its unfriendly attitude toward third-party browsers, Jay Sullivan, vice president of product at Mozilla, said today. The nonprofit Mozilla, which pulled Mozilla Firefox Home from Apple's App Store in September 2012, is not currently building a version of its Firefox browser for iOS, nor does the company plan to, said Sullivan, speaking on a mobile browser wars panel at South by Southwest Interactive moderated by CNET Senior Reporter Seth Rosenblatt. The sticking point for Mozilla is not being able to carry over its sophisticated rendering and javascript engines to iOS. Essentially, the organization doesn't feel like it can build the browser it wants to for Apple's platform, Sullivan told CNET."
Posted by JimAdkins on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 08:31:31 PDT (723 reads)
Pure Overclock Two For One
BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 10 750W PS

“BeQuiet! has an established reputation in the power supply market for those living in Europe, but the company isn’t as well known in North America. Looking to make a splash on this side of the pond with the Dark Power Pro 10 750W, the company is packing a litany of innovative features into a wonderfully sleek package for this unit. It’s got sexy styling, a modular setup, an 80Plus Gold certification, and an Overclocking Key (what?!?) that promises to literally change the power delivery inside this unit. We were certainly intrigued, so let’s take a closer look at this power supply from BeQuiet and see if it can deliver the goods to a demanding consumer market.”

Xigmatek Prime SD1484 CPU Cooler

“Xigmatek is one of those companies that’s been around for a while but still aren’t a name most people use on a daily basis. They’ve got a long history of cases, CPU coolers, fans and accessories as well as power supplies yet they’re not nearly as well-known as companies like Cooler Master or Thermaltake. This doesn’t mean they are inferior though, and they make some pretty nice products. They sent us the Prime SD1484 CPU cooler to review. Can this cooler from the little guy perform?”
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 11, 2013 @ 18:40:06 PDT (781 reads)
Heaven Media Two For One
SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 256GB

"SanDisk however have for some time now been committed to producing a range of SSDs which covers various price and performance points. One of their latest products is the Ultra Plus SSD, marketed as having "fast data speeds, lower latency times, and reduced power consumption" They say it is ideal for read-intensive applications like photo and video editing as well as general tasks such as reducing start-up time. Today we have the 256GB version of the Ultra Plus connected to our test system and will find out how it compares to numerous alternative models."

SteelSeries Apex Raw Keyboard

"Recently SteelSeries announced the APEX range of keyboards and the RAW Edition landed on our desk recently. With numerous extra buttons, backlighting and low profile keys it looks to find a balance between functionality and cost which will appeal to gamers on a budget."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 11, 2013 @ 00:29:46 PDT (753 reads)
TechPowerUp Two For One
Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 460W PS

"Seasonic upgraded their smaller fanless units with the new KM3 platform. Not only does it offer better performance than the KM2 platform, but it also offers the highly sought after Platinum efficiency certification. Today, we will take a look at the fresh fanless unit with 460 W capacity and Platinum efficiency."

Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB

"Kingston's HyperX 3K SSD is positioned at a more affordable price level than its blue non-3K sibling. Our performance testing reveals surprising numbers and the drive actually ends up faster than the regular HyperX."
Posted by JimAdkins on Monday, March 11, 2013 @ 00:20:15 PDT (712 reads)
Xigmatek Gigas Aluminum Case
Our friends at OC Inside have a review of the Xigmatek Gigas aluminum case. You might be able to win the case as well.

"The Xigmatek Gigas PC case does not look like a standard Midi-Tower, but rather like a subwoofer in a high-quality aluminium chassis. So the enthusiast can decide to use the Xigmatek Gigas case cube made of brushed aluminium as HTPC in the living room or as stylish gaming PC. Because the case is not only very attractive, but provides also great cooling for high-end PC hardware. We examined the Xigmatek Gigas enclosure and test the practicality on the following 5 pages. Additionally, you can win this nice Aluminium case in the Longest Topic battle at our Hardware Forum."
Posted by JimAdkins on Thursday, March 07, 2013 @ 18:28:13 PST (825 reads)

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