Mini Mod #1

You've seen the temperature of your CPU in the Bios, you can see it in special programs provided by the motherboard manufacturer and CPUCool or Mother Board Monitor (but CPUCool is much better). You have even seen special devices like the Digital Doc (I got one) that give real time data on the hot-spot of your choice. One issue...the cost. Digital Doc cost me $22.95 at the retail store, but you can get it cheaper online then pay $10 for shipping and handling and end up even worse!There is a quick and dirty solution, and it looks like this:

Temperature Monitor

What the heck is it??????? It's an indoor/outdoor temperature sensor from Target. Cost $8.00 and tax, no shipping and handling, no high initial price, and more extras.

It's a clock, it has a light (OOoohh!), it offers Celsius or Fahrenheit, it polls very quickly (2 sec) and it can show ambient temp or remote sensor temp. It's a no-brainer to setup and comes with velcro mounting kit for the readout pod... for $8.00 from the automotive section (or housegoods). The sensor (Look above the display unit for the black thingy on a wire) even comes with double sticky tape for easy mounting, though in this picture I have removed it for faster acquisition times. If your real nuts you can remove the sensor an solder in a 10K thermistor (as I have done) available for $.10 each from AllElectronics plus postage...but they are reasonable and their turnaround time is very quick. The only downside is that the sensor isn't flat like the Digital Doc's so you can read CPU edge temps... but who cares? This is for hard drive temps, graphic card temps (I mounted one on the back of my graphics cards CPU), case temps, etc. Use your imagination man! For the cost of a Super Meal at McDufalds it's cheap enough to play with, I even measured the temperature of my as.... well you don't need to know that...

The original idea came from ManInBlack... who we may see more of around here in the future.


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