Heavy Metal Parody

Sung to the tune of Sammy Hagar's Heavy Metal

Jerry Sanders in leather
Lights on in the lab all night
Been working on Barton
Extra cache coming together
To the fan boys' delight
2167 mhz of power
And it's pushin' overload
AMD is ready to devour
All the P4's they can hold
Reachin' overload
Start to XP load

It's their return ticket to profitability
Call it Hammer 64
Higher IPC and on-die memory done right
Call it Hammer 64
Desperation with the bottom line
Call it Hammer 64 buzz

Socket A and L1 bridges
Temperatures down from the edge
David and Goliath
Hammer gonna be used as a wedge
SSE/2 support is coming
This time even Dell may be made
We've got overclock fanatics
Tearing up their NDA
Page by page
Break out from the cage

I hope all you guys brought your April Fools' sense of humor with you today as you read this. If anyone has a parody of their own that's in good fun like this one, feel free to send it in to me. If I get enough of them, I will publish a follow-up featuring all reader material.

My initial inspiration for doing this was the Weird Al Yankovic song that parodies Puff Daddy's "It's all about the Benjamins", named "It's all about the Pentiums", which I really dig. It turns out it was a lot harder to do than I thought, and mine isn't nearly as good as Weird Al's. Oh, well, I bet my 3DMark 2001SE score is higher than his. So AMD don't you think all this free publicity warrants sending me a XP 3000+ ?

Jim Adkins

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